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Java enabled phones:

Type into your mobile browser and choose the English or French version. Once downloaded, the game can be found in your phone’s game folder.

Android phones:

Open Google Play and install (you may have to search for “What It Is” under games). The game will display in English or French depending on the language setting on your phone.

Note: this game works best on Android phones with smaller and medium-sized screens (240×320, 320×480 and 480×800 resolutions). It won’t look right on phones with large, high-density screens. If you’re not sure what screen your phone has, download the game and check out if it works (you can always “uninstall” if it doesn’t). You can also go to into settings > about phone, find your phone’s model number and search it online to figure out what kind of screen you have.

Blackberry phones:

Open the Blackberry store application and download in English or French (you may have to search for “What It Is” under games).


Open iTunes and download the game in English or French (you may have to search for “What It Is” under games).

From our Youth Advisory Team that led the project, made up of young people in the community:

  • “I loved knowing I was helping out the planet, and working with the team was lots of fun, hearing peoples’ opinions and learning about each other.”
  • “I most appreciated the moments where we as a team effected the big picture of the game, like what the characters would be, what settings would be used, what kind of sexual harassment and gender policy would be engaged. Making these decisions I felt were really important for how the game would be valued by youth and if it would resonate with the real lives of people in Canada.”
  • “I got to work with some really great people and it was interesting to see what the process of creating a video game is actually like.”
  • “I learned that there are a lot of people out there who are ready to help when the opportunity is given.”
  • “I gained strategies for utilizing legislation as an educational tool and how to translate laws into an engaging resource for youth.”
  • “I learned to find ways to collaborate ideas. Everyone has different ideas, and it’s important to respect that, and find a mutual ground where you’re able to either mesh ideas together and if not at least make sure to take someone else’s approach into consideration.”

At this stage of the V Game Project:

  • 7 diverse young women and young men led project activities as Youth Advisory Team members;
  • 52 diverse young women and young men tested and contributed to game content through 4 participatory focus groups;
  • 8800 youth-targeted handbills were distributed to 95 schools and service providers across the country to distribute to youth they serve; and
  • representatives from 3 media outlets attended the media launch on November 25, 2010.

Last updated: September 13, 2012